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Square Dancing
NOTE: All lists should now be available.
Name Expl. Link Short Link Long
B-C3B Integration list
Alphabetical list with definitions for all 503 calls from B to C3B. Includes startup figures on all levels.
Hexagon Hexagon description
Hexagon formations and applied Mainstream and Plus call examples.
B Basic = M53 Short list
M Mainstream Short list
+ Plus Short list
A1 Advanced 1 Short list
A2 Advanced 2 Short list Long list
C1 Challenge 1 Short list Long list
C2 Challenge 2 Short list Long list
C3A Challenge 3A Short list Long list
C3B Challenge 3B Short list Long list
C4-1 Challenge 4 part 1 Short list Long list

The Short list presents the call definitions in a quick, concise and consistent way on 2 or 3 pages only. The list is intended for your pocket or handbag as a quick update before dancing.
The Long list describes each call with definition, start and end formations, applications and variations with figures. It is very useful when you learn or review a certain level.
If you download all the pdf files to the same directory on your disk you can navigate within these files through the links at the top and bottom of each page.
The links to the Home page does not work anymore.
If you download the Integration list along with the other files in the same directory, all its definitions are linked to the descriptions with figures on the various levels.
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